Parking at the Lewiston Nez-Perce County Regional Airport is a pre-pay parking program.

With over 400 dedicated spaces, there's almost always plenty of room available. And when there isn't, there's more! The long-term, overflow, and hourly sections are clearly marked, and so are the spots reserved for those who need ADA-accessible parking. Parking kiosks are located inside the terminal for payments. You will need to know your parking space number to pay.

Parking Fees

Up to Ten Days

$5.00 / Day

  • (maximum $50.00)

From 11 to 20 Days

$4.00 / Day

  • (maximum $40.00 + $50.00 = $90.00)

After 20 Days

$3.00 / Day

  • ($90.00 + $3.00 each day over 20 days)

*Fees decrease as the days increase.

Parking Map