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Gary Peters, Gale Wilson and more supporters than can be named here recently held their second annual “Radials N’ Rivers” exhibition. Repeating the doubled statistics over last year’s event bears only partial witness to the event’s success. The Lewiston Morning Tribune’s reporting and breathtaking pictures come close to telling the rest of the story.  What’s left to say? How about, “Thank you?” Thank you for the honor of allowing us to host warbirds and workhorses from by-gone era.



It’s not difficult to imagine a day when the likes of such flying machines are relegated to museums, where most would not see their likes again. After all, the ranks of those who built, flew, and repaired the radial-powered giants are almost gone. Were that to happen, a glimmer of dreams would be all that was left. Radials N’ Rivers pushed that day a little farther into the future. Radials N’ Rivers gave us a sentimental journey back to an era when the sights, smells, and sounds of an airport flight line were ruled by radials. Radials N’ Rivers wrote with indelible ink a memory in the minds those in attendance will never forget.


Thank you!