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Do you have a cheerful, outgoing personality?  Do you enjoy meeting new people?  Are you familiar with the region and all it has to offer?  Would you like the challenge of representing the Lewis-Clark Valley and creating a good first impression to people from all over the United States?  The World?

Then consider becoming an LWS Airport Ambassador.  We’re looking for a few people (bring a friend!) for a few hours a day to assist visitors arriving in the Valley.  You’ll be there to greet people seeing the region for the very first time.  You’ll be there to answer a million questions.  Like…

  • Where can I go to eat?
  • What hotels are available?
  • Is there ground transportation?
  • Where can I go to get my hair trimmed?
  • What is there to do in the Valley?

Five great reasons you should consider becoming an Airport Ambassador:

  1. Give visitors a positive first impression of our region…and a reason to come back.
  2. Put a smile on someone’s face and change their day.
  3. Contribute to our community.
  4. Be part of a team.
  5. Help ease travelers’ stress during a stressful time of year (aren’t they all stressful?).

If you’re interested, call Stephanie Morgan at (208) 746-4471 or email her at