Parking is free when you fly out of the LWS airport. With over 400 dedicated spaces, there's almost always plenty of room available. And when there isn't, there's more! The overflow section is just across the street in the grassy field. The long-term, overflow, and hourly sections are clearly marked, and so are the spots reserved for those who need ADA-accessible parking.

Transportation from the Lewiston Airport is easily accessible. Hotel shuttles and taxi transportation are just a phone call away. We have a kiosk by baggage claim with a direct line to nearby hotels.

Taxi Service

Absolute Transportation is available 24 hours a day. Book ahead for the 14-passenger bus for tours. 208.413.4494

Rental Cars

The Lewiston Airport has three rental car agencies on-site:

208.798.4658 or 800.230.4898

208.746.0488 or 800.218.7992

208.746.0411 or 800.654.3131