Friends of the Airport


Friends of the Airport is a loosely formed group that began as four (three pilots—Doug Black, Chaussé, and Jim Otey—and one event planner, DeAnn Scrabeck) and now includes six. Jim Otey moved away from Lewiston, but three new members have been added: Sandi Lee, a retired reporter; Joe Hulett, a former agribusiness manager, and Marlin Israel, a retired information technology project manager. The group originally became active as the interview process began for the newly created Airport Authority in 2010. All are retired, there are no dues, and the members are strictly volunteers.

The mission statement of the group is to (1) promote the Lewiston-Nez Perce County (2) create an increased awareness of the airport’s impact on the regional economy, (3) provide public education of the businesses located within the airport through informational displays and public events, and (4) perform other tasks assigned by the Airport Authority board.